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  • Free Shipping on order over $49

  • Free Shipping on order over $49

  • Free Shipping on order over $49


About Us

Hi, I'm Barbara from jmaterial: welcome! We aim to create long-lasting, sustainable pieces that could be affordable for many women out there who seek value and quality. In the times of rushing, we prioritize attention to details, communication, quality, and in selecting rather than accumulating. This is the reason why we make every garment to order. Every piece is made from cotton linen. A durable fabric that adapts to the skin and gets better with every wear.

Brand development time

March 2021


May 2022

The number of customers exceeds 10,000.

Our business is about people. From design to production, from customer service to our amazing customers, we have some of the best.

We believe that everyone should live to your fullest, and taking advantage of every minute of your life is the first step in the process. We know there are some activities and responsabilities that you can’t avoid, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun doing them!

We carefuly pick and create our products especially to guarantee you an easier life so you can live it to your fullest and most importantly, having fun!

Our Mission: Providing More Professional And Suitable Garments,Every woman deserves to live every day looking and feeling her best.

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